There are plenty of reasons why you may need to have a tooth removed. Sometimes it’s due to over-crowded teeth, and other times it’s because a tooth was cracked or has become badly infected. With today’s technology, you don’t have to fear pain or a lengthy recovery. Nowadays, having a tooth removed is a fast and easy process. At Dow’s Lake Dental, we provide tooth extraction procedures that are safe and painless. What if it’s an emergency? For patients in Downtown Ottawa, dentist appointments can be booked quickly if the situation is urgent.

When is it Required?

Most tooth extraction procedures are performed on teeth that are broken, improperly aligned, or impacted. But sometimes extractions are required to avoid more serious complications. For instance, when our molars erupt, serious problems can happen including infection, impaction, misalignment, and damage to neighbouring teeth. In other cases, severely decayed or diseased teeth may also need to be extracted if a root canal is not an option.

What to Expect?

With a tooth extraction, our dentists will provide a local anesthetic to numb the area in order to provide you with the most comfort. If you are having wisdom teeth removed or more than one tooth, your dentist will likely recommend a full anesthetic and that someone accompanies you to the office to ensure you have a safe way home. Once the tooth is removed, the dentist will have you bite down on a cotton pad to help stop the bleeding and encourage healing. Sometimes a few dissolvable stitches will be added to further help with the healing process.

Once you have the go-ahead from your dentist, you will head home to recover, which can take a few days depending on the procedure. It’s encouraged that you eat soft, room temperature foods and use ice packs to help reduce the pain during your resting period. Your dentist will also recommend pain medication and recovery methods that can help you heal faster, as well as options for replacing the missing tooth.

At Dow’s Lake Dental Clinic will ensure you receive a comfortable and relaxing extraction experience from your Ottawa dentist. Preston Street (Little Italy) is where our practice is located, so you can return once healed to sample some gelato! For more information about our extraction process, contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.