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Sometimes a damaged tooth cannot be easily saved. That is where a crown or bridge can come into play. If the tooth is too weak even for a filling, a crown can be applied to cover the damaged tooth. If the tooth requires extraction, a bridge can be added to fill in the gap. These permanent restorations are a safe and attractive way to maintain your beautiful smile. This is something available here at your local dentist in Little Italy. Even in an emergency, dentists at our Dow’s Lake practice in Downtown Ottawa aim to provide you with an effective solution.

How Do They Work?

When a tooth is heavily decayed, it runs the risk of fracturing and losing substance below the gum line, making it difficult to restore. Some teeth also become intensely discoloured over time. A crown can be used to cover a damaged tooth to strengthen its structure and to improve the overall appearance of a stained tooth. For added aesthetics, you have the choice between a variety of materials such as gold and metal alloys, acrylic, as well as porcelain or ceramic crowns that can be matched to the exact colour of your teeth.

A bridge is often recommended when you’re missing one of your teeth. Gaps between teeth can cause your teeth to shift, which can offset your bite and make your teeth more susceptible to disease. A bridge will span across the space where the teeth are missing by cementing it to the natural teeth surrounding the empty space. The teeth next door to the extraction will be prepared similarly to a crown in order to accept the bridge. Whatever the purpose, your Downtown Ottawa dentist will tailor a solution to best suit your needs.

How Are They Made?

To ensure the bridge or crown will fit, your dentist will first reduce your tooth or surrounding teeth in size. Once that is finished, an impression to create the mold for the crown or bridge will be made, and if using porcelain, the right shade will be determined in order to match the colour of your teeth. The mold will take some time to create in a lab, so a temporary crown or bridge will be provided so you can continue with your daily activities. Once the mold is ready, the temporary version will be removed, and the permanent one will be cemented over your tooth or teeth.

Could Crowns or Bridges Help You?

Determining whether you need a crown or a bridge compared to other available dental options should be done with one of our dental professionals at Dow’s Lake Dental in the heart of Downtown Ottawa on Preston Street. Dentists here will determine the best plan of action based on your needs, budget, and desired outcome to restore your smile and provide you with an attractive solution. Visit our Little Italy dentist practice for a consultation.

Common Questions About Crowns And Bridges

A benefit of dental crowns is that they are resistant to staining. However, this does mean that they are almost impossible to whiten. We can color-match your dental crown to your existing teeth, and we recommend undergoing a teeth whitening treatment before having a dental crown placed if you’d like the shade to be brighter.

Crowns aren’t generally meant to be replaced often, but we can safely replace your metal crown with a porcelain crown. Once replaced, you can reap the benefits of a healthier, more natural-looking smile.

Yes, dental bridges are proven to be completely safe. Not only do they pose no risk to you, but they help to enhance your oral health as a whole.

With proper care, a dental bridge can last upwards of ten years. To ensure the bridge’s longevity, make sure to brush twice a day, floss daily, and schedule regular check-up appointments with Dr. El-Hawary.