Oral Cancer Exams in Ottawa, ON

Oral cancer is one of the least talked about cancers, but with over 4,500 Canadians estimated to be diagnosed with it in 2017, it should evidently be of much more concern. And, since it’s not frequently discussed, many people are unaware of what exactly the symptoms include. Thankfully, you can help prevent oral cancer by seeing a dentist regularly for an oral cancer examination at our Little Italy dentist on Preston Street in Downtown Ottawa.

What is an Oral Cancer Examination?

During every checkup at Dow’s Lake Dental, our professionals take the time to check for any signs of potential cancers. This routine examination involves checking for any irregular tissue changes or lumps inside your mouth, as well as providing a thorough examination of your face and neck. It’s a quick and painless exam that only takes a few minutes, but it can make a big difference in your life.

Quick and Effective Examination Process

During an oral exam, your dentist will ask about your current health conditions, along with any medications that you are currently taking to determine if you may have any special risks for disease or cancer. A thorough inspection of your mouth, lips, face, neck, and jaw would be carried out by our dentist. Preston Street in Little Italy is the convenient location for this checkup. They will look for any red or white patches on your lips and cheeks, and will also inspect your tongue for any abnormal colours or swelling. They will also thoroughly inspect the inside of your mouth and back of your throat to check for any changes or sensitivities that may look suspicious.

The Importance of Oral Cancer Examinations

When oral cancer is diagnosed in its early stages, treatment can be very effective. If there are any potential signs that are concerning, your dentist may require a biopsy to be performed to determine what exactly they’re looking at. If the results indicate that further attention is needed, then they’ll give you a referral so you can get the care you need as soon as possible. Early detection is key in avoiding what could become a dental emergency. Dentist trips can seem intimidating but these are essential to helping us spot signs of oral cancer before they develop.
Detecting cancer early can save your life. If you have noticed any changes inside or around your mouth area, it’s important that you come in and see us at Dow’s Lake Dental in Downtown Ottawa. A dentist from our team will give you a thorough examination to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be, and will initiate a course of action if there are any potentially disconcerting indications.
Contact us today to schedule your next appointment at our Downtown Ottawa dentist office. If you are looking for a Preston Street dentist in Little Italy, look no further.