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Have you ended up with chipped, cracked, or outright missing teeth? If so, it is important to seek the assistance of an emergency dentist. Downtown Ottawa, at Dow’s Lake Dental in Little Italy on Preston Street, dentists here can provide exactly this form of solution – a long-lasting one carried out with respect to your health, wellness, and a confident smile that you can feel comfortable behind. With our emergency dental services, we can ensure the problem is quickly identified, addressed and that repairs are carried out with your best interests firmly in mind.

Emergencies Handled Quickly and Professionally

The very last thing you want to encounter during a dental emergency is a delay or complication stemming from it. We know how important it is that our clients receive attentive and dedicated care as soon as they need it, as our fast action combined with detail-focused repairs and care helps to protect them from developing infections or other issues that may adversely affect their health or wellness. With the emergency dentist services of the Dow’s Lake Dental team, you and your smile are better safeguarded from harm and further complications.

Surgeries that Complement Your Smile

We know how uncomfortable it can be to undergo surgery, which is why our surgical team aim to be friendly and inviting while meeting your needs during a dental emergency in Downtown Ottawa. Dentists at Dow’s Lake Dental are professionals who are there solely for your satisfaction and treatment. With extensive surgical knowledge and experience, our team has shaped the treatments we offer today into more personable and organic in nature, focused around enhancing your smile while helping you remain calm, comfortable and in good hands.

Emergency Dental Care Follow-Ups

After your treatment has been completed and all required surgeries performed, our dental team will work closely with you to verify your absolute satisfaction and contentment with the work carried out on your smile. We encourage absolute transparency between our team and all patients, as we believe that honesty is the best policy in addition to emergency dental services that never sacrifice quality.
Emergency dental care should be taken seriously, as time, budget, and safety are directly affected by how a dental team carries out any necessary work. At Dow’s Lake Dental in Little Italy (Downtown Ottawa) dentists on Preston Street are proud to offer an approachable atmosphere with unprecedented quality control for everything from the comfort of our seating to the precision of our surgical procedures. Contact us immediatly at if you require emergency dental care in Downtown Ottawa as soon as possible, and we would be happy to help in the best way possible.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Almost any dental problem that requires immediate attention to stop bleeding, alleviate pain or swelling, or save a tooth from further damage is considered a dental emergency. Examples of dental emergencies include:

  • -Chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • -Infection
  • -Damage to a restoration 

If you experience a dental emergency, or you’re unsure if it’s an emergency, take a deep breath and contact our office by calling . It’s important to avoid fixing the problem on your own, as this often causes more issues. Dental issues typically don’t go away on their own, so it’s best to respond promptly to avoid further complications.

If you chip, break, or knock out a tooth, it’s important that you stay calm and contact our office by calling . In the meantime, follow these simple steps to help save your tooth:

-Rinse your tooth to remove dirt debris

-Place the tooth in a container to protect it from further damage

-Avoid attempting to place the tooth back in the socket

-Soak the tooth in milk to prevent the roots from drying out

-Keep the pieces of your broken or chipped tooth in a safe place

It’s vital to schedule an appointment as soon as you get a chance– this will help ensure the re-implantation is successful. Trying to fix a tooth that has been displaced on your own may only cause more damage.

Sometimes emergencies can be prevented if precautions are followed. For example, wearing mouthguards and protective equipment when participating in sports activities can help prevent damaging your teeth and gums. 

Also, seeing your dentist for regular checkups will help them catch any issues before they become problematic. If you’re planning on leaving the country or taking a long trip, you’ll want to see Dr. El-Hawary prior to leaving to ensure your oral health is in optimal condition.

Following a good oral hygiene routine, in addition to scheduling biannual checkups and cleanings, will ensure your oral health stays on track.

Follow-up appointments are typically scheduled to examine how your mouth is responding to a particular surgery or procedure. In some cases, you may need to see Dr. El-Hawary for a follow-up appointment if sutures need to be removed.

She’ll also want to assess swelling and ensure your mouth is free of infection. If you’re unsure if your follow-up appointment is in need of immediate attention, give our office a call and we’ll get to the bottom of it.