Invisalign Treatment in Ottawa, ON

The Smile You Want, Without the Hassel

Invisalign is an exceptional way to correct the alignment of your teeth. Beyond enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, treatment with Invisalign is normally faster and more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

At Dow’s Lake Dental, we offer Invisalign to assist adults and teens who want to improve the alignment of their smiles. This treatment is easy to use and known for producing reliable results.

Invisalign — A New Approach to Stunning Smiles

Invisalign clear aligners are a product of over 20 years of technological research and innovation. The results lead to a more precise and predictable treatment, allowing patients to achieve their dream smile 50 percent faster than alternative methods. As technology improves, the entire Invisalign experience becomes more natural and accessible.

Your custom Invisalign aligners are crafted from patented SmartTrack® material. This transparent, flexible device sits discreetly and comfortably on your smile, gradually shifting a few teeth at a time.

The Invisalign system also provides a digital representation of what your smile could look like after treatment is complete.

The Invisalign Process

Invisalign is a fast, effective way to straighten your smile without the hassle of uncomfortable metal wires or brackets. The process typically requires fewer office visits than the average patient would experience with metal braces.

#1) Your Consultation

When you arrive for your visit, Dr. El-Hawary will examine your smile, review your medical and dental history, and discuss your treatment options. If we decide that Invisalign is the ideal solution, we can begin right away.

#2) Treatment Planning & Impressions

After outlining your treatment, Dr. El-Hawary will take impressions of your smile using a 3D digital scanner. Then, the Invisalign system translates the information into a digital image, so you can see what your smile will look like following the treatment.

#3) Straightening Your Smile

After about a week, you’ll swing by Dow’s Lake Dental to pick up your first set of aligners. These aligners are designed to custom-fit your smile so that they’ll sit comfortably for the entirety of the treatment.

For effective results, Dr. El-Hawary recommends wearing your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day — only removing them for eating or cleaning.

Since each Invisalign aligner is designed to only shift specific teeth, we’ll give you a new set every two weeks or so. Invisalign is built on the idea that gradual, precise changes will lead to stunning, successful alignment improvements.

Straighten Your Smile Up to 2X Faster

If you’re looking for a faster alternative to traditional metal braces, contact Dow’s Lake Dental at (613) 406-6464 and ask them about Invisalign. Our staff will help you schedule a consultation, and get you one step closer to the smile of your dreams.