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IV Sedation

We are one of the only dental practices in Ottawa which offers IV Sedation

In need of dentistry that keeps you calm and at ease without risks?

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If you’re looking to gain a healthy smile but without the discomfort, stress, and pain of a conscious procedure, contact us at Dow’s Lake Dental today for a consultation.

Sedation dentistry pertains to the use of harmless and completely safe relaxation agents to quell nerves, allowing you to stay calm and effectively “skip” the pain and discomfort of surgery by losing consciousness in a controlled environment. Sedation is a process utilized to create a relaxed, calm state through the use of mild sedative treatments such as depressants or nitrous oxide, among other methods. Incredibly safe when administered by a trained dental professional, sedation drugs temporarily block pain impulses normally inflicted upon individuals in some capacity during oral surgery. Procedures can feel as if they only lasted a few minutes, with no discomfort or pain afterward in most cases.

Under the attentive observation of our team of dedicated dental professionals, you may utilize oral sedation or nitrous oxide (known as “laughing gas”) in your procedure if you wish. We’ll ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure and afterward, though we advise that someone remains with you after the treatment until the sedative effects wear off (this is completely harmless and normal). We are also one of the only dental practices in Ottawa who are able to offer IV sedation – the deepest form of sedation available, and a highly sought-after service.