Why having White Teeth Should Matter to You

woman smiling

Teeth whitening has taken off all around the globe. And it’s no longer a procedure that is only reserved for the rich and famous. Now, more and more people are taking advantage of teeth-whitening agents and experiencing all the benefits that their pearly whites provide, like newfound confidence. But why is it that we’ve become so obsessed with white teeth, and has the rest of the world followed suit too? Let’s explore these questions a little further below.

Benefits Your Overall Look

Having brighter, whiter teeth can lift the entire appearance of your face. When you think about it, your teeth are the front and centre of attention. So when they’re not looking their best, this can detract from your facial features and overall appearance. But by performing this one simple improvement, it can truly benefit your entire look.

Benefits Your Career

First impressions can make or break your chances of landing your dream job. As soon as you shake hands, your smile is the first thing that the interviewer will notice. And having pearly-white teeth can show them that you take good care of yourself. This is particularly attractive to businesses when you are expected to represent the company image. Plus, studies have shown that whiter teeth can lead to greater success in business.

Benefits Your Personal Life

Teeth whitening has also been shown to boost confidence levels. Instead of hiding behind embarrassing stains, you can converse and smile with pride without worrying about people staring at your teeth. With healthier-looking teeth, you can carry on conversations, go on dates, and feel good about yourself with ease. This, in turn, has the power to encourage a more positive and lasting impression in both your personal and business relationships.

Benefits Your Finances

One of the best things about having white teeth today is that it doesn’t break the bank. There are a number of affordable teeth-whitening procedures out there that can give you impressive results for any budget.

Professional Teeth-Whitening Treatments vs. Over-the-Counter Teeth-Whitening Products

Now that you know the benefits of teeth whitening, you’re probably wondering if you should first try one of those over-the-counter teeth whitening products or invest in professional whitening from a dentist. Both methods have pros and cons. And to help you weigh your options, let’s compare how they work and the results you can expect.

Pros and Cons of Professional Whitening Treatments

Professional teeth-whitening treatments do have some advantages over DIY methods or over-the-counter whitening products. These are:

Pros and Cons of Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Over-the-counter teeth-whitening products are affordable and readily available, but how do they measure up? Here are some pros and cons to consider before you buy:

However, it also has its share of cons:

When considering teeth-whitening options, it's important to weigh the benefits of professional treatments versus over-the-counter products. Also, discussing options with your dentist can help determine the best path to your brightest, healthiest smile. Professional treatments may be more expensive, but they often provide more effective and longer-lasting results. Over-the-counter products, on the other hand, can be a more budget-friendly option but may need to be used more often to maintain intended results. Ultimately, it's important to choose the option that best suits your budget and desired outcome.

So when you’re wondering if the rest of the world is as obsessed with white teeth as we are, the answer is yes! Aside from improving the look of teeth, it also provides many different benefits, both personally and professionally. When you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and experience all the benefits that whiter teeth have to offer, contact us at Dow’s Lake Dentistry. We offer a range of teeth-whitening services that will brighten your teeth and improve your smile in no time.