Should I pull my child’s loose tooth?

A child smiling.

When is it time to pull a child’s loose tooth? Or is it unsafe to do so?

You may be tempted to pull out your child’s tooth if they start to become sensitive or fuss over it. But no matter what, don’t force the tooth out. It can damage the nerve and tissue and result in more bleeding.

When is a loose baby tooth ready to go?

Children start to lose their baby teeth around age 6 or 7. Often, the first ones that erupt are also the first ones that come out.

Your child may panic, feel frightened, or show interest as they go through this stage. Reassure them that it happens naturally and that they’ll be fine.

If a loose baby tooth is ready to go, it’ll fall out on its own. It doesn’t need to be pulled out. If it’s only partly loose and most of its part is still attached to the gum, that means you still have to be patient and wait some more.

It can be tempting to give the removal a hand, but this may only cause damage to your child’s mouth.

Is there any time when it’s okay to pull out the loose tooth?

If the tooth is already dangling and your child no longer feels any pain, that can indicate that the tooth is ready to go. Gently touch the tooth to check if it’s barely attached or if it hardly wiggles.

If it’s the former, you may use a tissue to wrap the tooth and squeeze it out. But, then again, the best way to approach the situation is to do nothing and let the mouth do its job.

Handling your child’s loose tooth

Children respond differently to a loose tooth. If it’s causing them discomfort, offer them soft foods or cut their food into small pieces. This will reduce the pain from biting.

Even if a tooth or teeth are loose, brush and floss your child’s teeth as usual. If your child keeps touching the tooth, tell them to be patient and wait for it to become ready.

If it cannot be helped, they can feel the tooth with their tongue using minimum force. If it’s sore, it isn’t time for it to go yet.

If the tooth has been loose for too long, contact your dentist. They can assess the tooth and help your child feel more comfortable during the process.

Care for your child’s smile with the guidance of a trusted dentist in Ottawa, ON.

The first time they lose a tooth may be tough or fascinating for children. Either way, they’re less likely to feel anxious as they become aware of how it works. Your support will also help them feel better and braver.

You may also worry, but keep in mind that this phase occurs naturally, and the discomfort is temporary. If you have urgent questions or concerns, get in touch with your dentist.

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