How to Recover from Dental Surgery Properly

a dentist discussing treatment options with their patient

It is extremely important to take good care of your mouth to prevent any irritations or infections following dental surgery.Β  And although sedation will eliminate pain and discomfort during the surgery, the aftercare for recovery is crucial to minimize pain and to allow your mouth and gums to heal properly.

Here are some tips on how to recoverΒ fromΒ dental surgery.

Take the Necessary Time to Recover

Following your dental surgery, the dentist will always provide instructions for proper aftercare, and that will include taking the necessary time to avoid overexerting yourself so that your mouth and body can recuperate and heal. Remember, even though it may only feel like minor surgery, any form of surgery can be very taxing on the body. So lots of rest will be necessary to allow the healing process to occur.

Apply Ice

Often, to recover after dental surgery, your surgeon will also recommend applying ice packs immediately after to the area of the face. If you had wisdom teeth extracted, this could require ice application for both sides. Ice packs should be applied for 15 minutes on, and 15 minutes off of the face to help minimize swelling.

Only Take Medications or AntibioticsΒ as Instructed

To reduce any pain, your oral surgeon will recommend the appropriate antibiotic or medication. Always follow these instructions and avoid taking other medications as they can have adverse side effects such as thinning of the blood (caused by aspirin) which can increase bleeding and possibly lead to complications in the healing process.

Avoid Hard, Hot, or Cold Foods and Drinks

Recovery will also require that you avoid consuming any hard foods like apples or carrots, along with hot or cold food and drinks. If numbing was used during your procedure, this could cause you to burn your mouth without being aware until after the numbing wears off. So stick to soft, room temperature food and beverages to avoid any painful surprises.

Follow Instructions For Oral Care

During this time, you might also need to avoid regular brushing and flossing. Your dentist might recommend rinsing your mouth gently with a warm salt water mixture after consuming foods. So always be sure to follow these instructions to avoid causing any damage, pain, or complications to the mouth and healing process.

Aftercare is always an important part of dental surgery, and it’s crucial that you follow the instructions provided and take them seriously. For your next dental surgery, enlist a trusted team of professionals like the one here at Dow’s Lake Dentistry. We will provide all necessary instructions and plan out any required surgeries so you can get the oral care you need.