A woman smiling as she inserts her Invisalign.

Invisalign: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's what to expect from the Invisalign procedure. Be sure to consult your dentist for a thorough walk-through.

7 Myths About Dental Care You Need to Stop Believing

Let’s find out the truth behind some of the most common dental misconceptions.

Should I Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Does the time of brushing matter? Let’s answer this common dental care question as well as others in this post.

Keeping Your Smile in Check: Cancer and Dental Health

Keep your oral health in great shape during this time with guidance and support from your dental team.

Dental Problems and How They Can Affect Your Heart

Find out how oral health can be connected to heart health.

Why You Should Not Ignore a Toothache

Here’s why seeing the dentist immediately for toothaches is important, no matter how minor or severe the discomfort is.

Do Bad Teeth Run in the Family?

Should you worry if your family has poor oral health? Is there anything that can be done to avoid dental problems?

Potential Reasons Behind Persistent Bad Breath

Here are possible reasons there’s an unpleasant smell in your mouth and how your dentist can help.

A woman pointing to her teeth.

How to Treat Dental Emergencies at Home Before Seeing the Dentist

Here are some steps for dealing with a dental emergency while waiting for your appointment with the dentist.

An elderly couple brushing their teeth.

How Can I Help My Elderly Parent Brush?

Give senior family members the assistance they need to maintain good oral health. Check out these tips for helping them brush their teeth.

Is Carbonated Water Bad for Your Teeth?

Everyone knows that sugar can be bad for your teeth and that taking care of your oral health is important. But you may be wondering if carbonated water can have any negative effects on your teeth.

A child smiling.

Should I pull my child’s loose tooth?

It may be tempting, but is it safe to do so? Find out if forcing out a child’s loose tooth is good or bad.

woman clutching her jaw

Does tooth sensitivity indicate something wrong?

Find out if having sensitive teeth is a sign of poor oral health.

someone applying baking soda to their toothbrush

Do These Things Regularly for Whiter Teeth

Dow’s Lake Dental offers highly efficient and professional whitening treatments that, when combined with these tips, will ensure that your smile is brighter

woman smiling

Why having White Teeth Should Matter to You

Teeth whitening has taken off all around the globe. And it’s no longer a procedure that is only reserved for the rich and famous.

woman snapping a cigarette in half

How to Stop Periodontal Disease in Its Tracks

To stop the periodontal disease in its tracks, you need to take proper care of your mouth on a consistent basis.

xray of improperly erupting wisdom teeth

4 Signs You Need an Extraction

Tooth extractions can be necessary for a variety of different reasons / when a tooth has been severely damaged to the extent that it can no longer be saved.

a dentist discussing treatment options with their patient

How to Recover from Dental Surgery Properly

For your next dental surgery, enlist a trusted team of professionals like the one here at Dow's Lake Dentistry. Here are some tips on how to recover after!

fight cancer sign sitting on a chair

How Do we Perform Oral Cancer Examinations?

Our team takes your health seriously, which is why our patients always count on us to perform thorough oral cancer examinations at each and every check-up.

a before and after photo of what teeth whitening can do for you

All About Tooth Discolouration

For information on our teeth whitening services and how we can help restore the confidence in your smile, contact Dow’s Lake Dental to book an appointment.

woman flossing her teeth in her bathroom mirror

11 Little Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth During the Day

To help keep your oral health in mind throughout the day, here are eleven little ways you can take your dental care to the next level.

How to Become a Dentist

If you’re interested in this career path and wondering how to become a dentist, it’s important to understand that it requires dedication and hard work.

woman with a bright smile starting to floss her teeth

How Can I Floss Better?

If you’re not flossing regularly, you’re missing out on cleaning a large portion of your teeth. The gum line can collect bacteria and debris easily.